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Introduction of Divorce and Talaq

Wedding and divorce are two basics of our family system. Beginning of a new family starts when two male and females decide living together after a formal marriage contract. In Islam, marriage cannot become a valid legal contract till both male and female (in front of at least two males or one male & 2 females as witness) freely agrees on it.

Willing of the bachelor female’s wail (her father or other legal patron) is another requirement for the assistance of the female as she alone could not select the right life partner for her. However, it is no more required if she is re-marrying after the divorce or the death of her husband. Marriage of a minor or underage girl can be done by her wail’s wish alone.

Quran allows such marriage of minor girls in Surat talq-4. According to Islamic scholars, such minor girl has the right to cancel her marriage as when she becomes adult if she is not yet handed over to her husband.

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